Richard Levick - 寻找恩典

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- 比尔莫利师

There is a story in the Talmud – though I have heard variations from other religions – which says that while still in utero, a baby is filled with all of the knowledge of the Torah but that just before birth, an angel touches the baby’s lips and all is instantly forgotten. Why? So that in our moments of greatest challenge, we find the wisdom that has been inside of us all along.



我们都是,似乎在向Graceland的道路上,虽然过去几年一直有关表演并强调我们的差异,而不是成为现在的良好监护人,或者作为苏格兰语言学家的景观和探险家Robert Macfarlane说,“练习是好祖先。“

When I was a child, I was heavily influenced both from growing up in Washington, D.C. in the shadow of the dome and by the four political assassinations of my youth in the 1960s – Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. It was a time when the television interruption of a “Special Report” was synonymous with a punch to your soul.

称之为我自己的纯真,但我以为所有的律师和法学家都像Thurgood Marshall一样,所有的政客都像Daniel Patrick Moynihan一样,谢利·谢莉兰,Jeannette Rankin(在我的独立之后的一个图标,也是她的独立的唯一成员大会会议投票反对第二次世界大战)和弗兰克教堂(我们是邻居和他的儿子,追逐,是小学的一位亲密的朋友,一切都感受到当地和个人)。

记者都像沃尔特克里克特,比尔莫尔斯,Chet Huntley和David Brinkley一样。他们不是本地的,但他们的夜晚电视似乎让它感觉像我们都是邻居。

State attorneys general were all like Walter Mondale who wrote – and led 22 other state AGs – on the rare Supreme Court amicus brief on the side of the criminally accused, urging the Court to recognize indigent defendants’ Sixth Amendment right to appointed counsel in felony cases (Gideon v. Wainwright). Nothing politically expedient in it for the Minnesota AG in 1960, other than to see the scales of justice balanced.

巨人巨头。男人和女人站在他们相信的东西 - 他们相信民主凶狠。想象一个政治和媒体渴望恩典的景观?

在我们播客的一周内在众议院战士为了公司律师商务期刊,我采访了Lori Kalani,享受了Cozen O'Connor的合作伙伴,并在大法律上的国家律师的崛起中的先驱。她设想并制定了这种做法,现在在大型律师事务所中更广泛。在她近10年的Dish Network的内部建议期间,她认识到需要与每个国家律师将私人关系进行个人关系,并将在接下来的两年内设立每个人。想象一下,成为一个与每个州AG有个人关系的内部律师?他们最后一次对你伸出援手的时候是一个礼貌吗?

I also spoke with an old friend and a Washington legend, Bob Bennett, former counsel to two Secretaries of Defense – Clark Clifford (Democrat) and Caspar Weinberger (Republican) – and was President Bill Clinton’s personal lawyer in the Paula Jones case, among many other high-profile matters over a long and distinguished career. Two years ago, Bob and I had lunch in Washington, where he reflected on a time when he could neither enter nor leave a Washington restaurant without dozens of handshakes. There is nothing Washington is infatuated with more than power nor more dismissive of when it senses it has waned. Bob, as always, is well worth listening to, both for his insights and his humanity.





听你知道你的律师会吗?与Cozen O'Connor的Lori Kalani用鲍勃贝内特听一个词